What was Vince McMahon's hidden message?

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What was Vince McMahon's hidden message?

In the last few hours there has been nothing but talk of the WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon and the scandal that has hit him in the last few days, with the most famous face of the most famous company in the world of pro-wrestling, which has ended up in a cyclone.

seemingly endless, after the emergence of his extramarital affair with an employee of the legal team of the Stamford-based company and to which he has paid a whopping $3 million to remain silent all this time. Immediately after this news surfaced online and in the newspapers, Vince McMahon confirmed how he would be in the ring at Friday Night Smackdown, with WWE Universe fans immediately thinking that Vince wanted to deviate from these allegations, at some point way, despite the investigation by the WWE board of directors are progressing.

In the end, during his speech in front of the cameras of the blue show, Vince only emphasized the WWE motto: "Then, Now, Forever, Together", welcoming everyone and leaving the ring.

New details on Vince McMahon

According to several online sources, Vince McMahon also appeared to be smiling backstage of the show, with all the insiders experiencing a truly almost surreal taping session, due to the relaxed and happy atmosphere that was in the backstage.

Furthermore, according to reports from the journalists of the well-known site Fightful, there would have been a sort of hidden message that the WWE Chairman, currently replaced by his daughter Stephanie, would have liked to leave to fans and professionals.

In practice, smiling at everyone and appearing on-screen in the ring, Vince would be facing the problems face to face, not backing down, with the journalists of the well-known site who in fact reported: "He practically showed with a very heartfelt promo that he is taking on what is in front of him, without running away or backing away."

With a move like a man, who takes his own responsibilities in the face of mistakes and problems, Vince McMahon would be waiting for the investigations into him and towards the extramarital affair that ended, so as to understand the situation, waiting for the waters around him and the WWE calm down as well.

At WrestleMania 38, Roman Reigns won the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship by defeating Brock Lesnar and unifying the two world titles. Since then, The Tribal Chief has defended both his world titles at live events, however, the latest edition of SmackDown marked his first televised defense of the championships.