WWE removes Sasha Banks' banners

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WWE removes Sasha Banks' banners

In recent days, the scandal of Vince McMahon's extramarital affair has overshadowed the situation linked to Sasha Banks and Naomi in WWE that has been going on for a few weeks, with the two continuing to stay out of the scene and with Banks who it would even seem to have been released, it is not known whether at his express request or at the behest of the WWE management.

In the last few hours, several news items have followed, with several online sources reporting first for sure her firing and then even someone stating that Banks had been fired several weeks ago and not just a few hours ago.

After hearing the news tossed between Fightful and several other online sources, unfortunately not even one has been any confirmation, with the WWE that has remained in total silence, having to face much more serious problems with its Chairman who, at the moment has been replaced as the CEO by his daughter Stephanie, who in the meantime was staying at home due to personal problems.

Latest news on Sasha Banks

Former WWE Manager Dutch Mantell recently spoke about Sasha Banks' unceremonious release from the company. "I don't know. I think they're gonna miss her a lot. She was over. I think there's more to that story too, that we're not hearing.

Of course, there's more to the story. They just don't all of a sudden get mad and go in there to John Lauranitis, put the belt down and walk out. I don't know. But if she's not happy, I think it's the best thing for everybody, especially her to move on."

During the episode of the blue show that aired on Friday night, a fan at one point pulled out a billboard dedicated to the former WWE main roster tag team champion, with such a banner that was also in favor of the camera and was easily recognizable and legible even by the public from home.

With a magic worthy of the best Photoshop user, however, the WWE and its IT crew have canceled this sign, making it completely white and illegible, in all the replicas that the company is sending around the world, even with its international version, i.e.

with a show that lasts half the time. As you can see from the two photos that we report below, the word "Sasha Krew 4 Life" has magically disappeared, so as not to remind fans of the thorny situation that arose a few weeks ago between the two parties and that we still don't know how it would be over.