Does Jeff Hardy have to get away from wrestling?

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Does Jeff Hardy have to get away from wrestling?

As everyone knows by now, Jeff Hardy was arrested earlier this week for driving under the influence. This is not the first such incident for the 'Charismatic Enigma', which was suspended without pay by All Elite Wrestling.

The former WWE star will have to go to rehab and won't be able to return to the ring until he's completely clean. In the past few days, several insiders have lashed out at AEW for the way Hardy's programming was handled.

Ever since he made his debut at Tony Khan’s company in March, Jeff has been fighting with a frequency far beyond expectations. In the latest edition of 'Smack Talk' on Sportskeeda, former WWE manager Dutch Mantell said that life as a wrestler no longer suits Cameron's 44-year-old.

Update on Jeff Hardy's status

“If Jeff Hardy continues to perform with this frequency, he will get seriously hurt sooner or later. He is of a certain age and is no longer able to perform all those acrobatic moves” - explained Mantell.

“Besides, he's too old to take certain hits. The sequences of the match with Darby Allin come to mind, it's a miracle that Jeff got out unscathed. He may have been hurt and we don't know” - Dutch added.

Lance Storm also expressed his opinion on the subject: “Jeff clearly has problems, he's really sick and he needs to stop. Although the situation is known to all, he continues to be involved in very dangerous encounters in which he has to perform a large number of acrobatic moves.

The history of wrestling is full of athletes who risked a lot in the ring and who - to alleviate the pain - abused alcohol and substances. This is a problem that must be addressed once and for all. Hardy risks getting hurt every time he steps into the ring and he's no longer a kid, so he could suffer devastating consequences.

Outside the ring, he tries to alleviate his suffering with alcohol and drugs. It is not a random combination”. Hardy was performing in a six-man tag team match at a WWE Live Event in Texas last December. The former WWE Champion suddenly left the match and walked out through the crowd.

The incident sparked controversy, and Jeff was offered to go to rehab. “Even subconsciously, when I went over that guardrail, I mean, I was done. It was just some unpredictable, erratic behavior that Jeff Hardy does from time to time...Then the next day they say, ‘Go to rehab or we’re going to release you.' ”