Jimmy Smith on Vince McMahon's scandal

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Jimmy Smith on Vince McMahon's scandal

Just a few days ago we reported how the WWE Chairman was literally hit by an absurd scandal, with the owner of the most important pro-wrestling company in the world, who's been accused of having paid $3 million for silence of an employee, after having entered into an extramarital relationship with a woman who worked for him, making her also sign a confidentiality agreement.

After this scandal surfaced online and in newspapers, Vince stepped aside, relieving himself from his role as the Chairman and leaving room for his daughter Stephanie, who had stepped aside in recent weeks due to family problems.

Jimmy Smith made his WWE debut last night as the lead commentator for Monday Night RAW. The WWE Universe seemed to be happy with his performance last night, judging by social media, but how was it received backstage?

Jimmy Smith talks about Vince McMahon

To give us a version of what will happen in the coming weeks in WWE, Jimmy Smith, the reporter of the federation who joined the commentary table of Raw only a few months ago, told Unlocking The Cage: "What they are investigating and will investigate for the next few months is the culture and communication between the people who are sitting next to Vince McMahon.

This is what they will go to see. Because? It is a difficult culture to hide. You can hide an action. You can do something if you make a mistake and make amends for that mistake and all these things, you can do it. It all comes down to how they communicate backstage, behind the scenes.

This is what they will investigate. They will go to see the executive culture behind WWE. The good news from my point of view is that I spent a total of five minutes talking about everything with the WWE executive. They have no reason whatsoever to talk to me."

Apparently, even the WWE reporter doesn't seem like the Stamford-based federation's leadership, with his negative words against WWE's tallest pyramid, now shaking the federation from within.