Marriage problems for Stephanie McMahon?

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Marriage problems for Stephanie McMahon?

There has been quite a bit of a hustle and bustle in WWE in recent weeks, with Chairman Vince McMahon ending up in an extramarital scandal as the federation boss had entered into a physical relationship with one of his employees on the federation's legal staff and that he had also paid a good three million dollars to have the woman's silence.

In all of this, there was also an investigation by the WWE board of directors into the Chairman, which resulted in Vince momentarily resigning from his position as Chairman, passing the ball to his daughter Stephanie McMahon.

Meanwhile, however, Stephanie was absent from the company for unspecified personal and family problems, with the youngest daughter of the WWE patron, who has not yet understood why she remained out of the scene and out of the company for the last few weeks, by her own choice.

Is Stephanie McMahon's marriage with Triple H?

In the last few hours, rumors have emerged at the time of all unfounded, which would speak of a possible crisis between Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, one of the most powerful couples in the entire world pro-wrestling scene, with some online sources that however wanted to deny such rumors.

In the very last few hours, Wade Keller wanted to deny the PWTorch all those unfounded rumors that speak of an air of crisis in the McMahon-Levesque house, with the journalist who in fact reported: "There are rumors about why Stephanie took a step back from WWE, but I have nothing concrete to report.

I can only tell you that her father's story and hers may be partly connected. I know for a fact that when Triple H was sick, Stephanie had to take a step back to be close to him and now there are rumors about a crisis between them.

This cannot even be called rumor, but a simple conjecture and also I was told that this is absolutely not the case, because they are still happy and they are a team. Both have cut their working hours after what happened, even though Triple H continues to work full-time as a talent scout and Stephanie just stepped aside at the moment."

WWE and its Board of Directors shared a major update on the investigation, revealing that McMahon stepped away from his CEO position. Also, Stephanie has been named the interim CEO and Chairwoman. Stephanie took to Twitter shortly after the announcement and shared her reaction: "Until the conclusion of the investigation into recent allegations, I am honored to assume the role of interim Chairwoman & CEO. I love @WWE and all it continues to do to entertain billions around the world."