Backstage reaction to Sasha Banks' release

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Backstage reaction to Sasha Banks' release

A couple of days ago we reported that WrestleVotes had endorsed Wrestling Inc. reporter Raj Giri who was the first to report Sasha Banks' firing from WWE after his act of rebellion with Naomi a month ago. The social media site had in fact said: "Backstage [on Friday Night SmackDown] it is said that @TheRajGiri's report is indeed accurate according to multiple sources.

Sasha Banks has been released from her contract with WWE." With the reporter who had also replied: "I had never had any doubts about it." The problem is that there are two other sources that are instead lined up on the opposite side, namely the one that continues to insist that The Boss is still firmly on the WWE roster.

Sasha Banks' future is uncertain

Obviously all that is reported is a rumor until the two interested parties, namely WWE and Sasha Banks, do not come forward by releasing an official statement, then everything must be taken with a grain of salt.

But both Fightful and PWInsider, through reports on their sites, have made it clear that they do not agree with what Raj Giri and WrestleVotes have said, and that for them The Legit Boss is still in WWE. PWInsider in fact wrote: "Until the other night [SmackDown] she was still on the internal list of the WWE roster"

Fightful went even further by speaking to the talents within the McMahon company. In fact, according to the well-known site, the talents have not yet been informed in any official capacity on the veracity of the reports on the dismissal of Sasha Banks.

It was also specified that these people, if it happened, would know immediately and with certainty of this dismissal, above all because, as the website specifies, these people interviewed are great friends of the former SmackDown champion.

Meanwhile, WWE obscures any reference to Sasha from her programs. James discussed the situation on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s “The Wrestling Outlaws” show with Dr. Chris Featherstone and Vince Russo. The WWE Hall of Famer gave his brutally honest take on Banks’ walkout and the possibility of her joining All Elite Wrestling.

“Okay, so she goes over to this other wrestling company, makes a ton of money, and somebody is still making the creative decisions and she may still disagree with them,” said James. “And if that’s what all this thing is about, my whole philosophy is wow, we’ve got bigger fish to fry than the wrestling booker creative you didn’t like, so you took your ball and went home? I don’t know. That’s how I feel, but I’m old school and I’m a cynical, you know, whatever!”