Sonya Deville feared for her safety

Sonya Deville has been wrestling under the WWE banner since 2015

by Simone Brugnoli
Sonya Deville feared for her safety

In August 2020, a 24-year-old boy was arrested, who had been trying for almost eight years to kidnap Sonya Deville, constantly stalking her on social media and making the life of the WWE athlete truly impossible, and who in fear had to call the police several times, until he was finally arrested.

During a recent interview with Forbes, the former WWE officer was asked how she is now after a long time has passed since the incident and she explained that she has not yet fully understood how she feels about it, although now the case has been.

filed. "I don't think I understand that yet. I feel like I'm taking it a little bit every day and trying to figure out where the limit comes," Sonya Deville admitted. "I mean, at the end of the day, I chose to be in the spotlight and I chose to share my story and journey with fans because I think it could help.

I remember when I was 19, 20, I just didn't feel like it. I'm comfortable with my s*xuality, and, let's say, I wanted that representation in the public eye. I'm proud of that."

Sonya Deville is a mainstay of WWE

Continuing her speech, Sonya Deville admitted that she tries to take more safety measures after what happened: "I never regret putting myself on the line, but I think I take more precautions now than I did in the beginning just to make sure.

that the people around me, and myself included, can share our story, but in a safe space. And I encourage fans to always appreciate that and to respect the fact that we love you guys, and we want to interact with you, and we want to have fun and be able to reply to your messages, send you a message and interact.

But, you know, they too have to know where the limit is." Russo was looking forward to seeing how WWE utilizes Deville and even mentioned the possibility of the McMahon family's involvement, as he briefly explained below: "My only problem with this is going to be if she remains in the role as GM or whatever they call it because how do you explain that? You know, you've got to show some kind of ties to the McMahons or something otherwise; how do you remain in an authoritative role if you're jumping the talent from behind? So, if that's addressed, I'm okay with it, but if it's not, it's like, come on, man." She tricked the reigning champion into signing an open contract before unleashing a blindsided attack.

The former Tough Enough competitor sent a solid message to the entire roster as she stood tall over a beaten-down Belair to end the segment.

Sonya Deville