Daniel Garcia on the details of the car accident

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Daniel Garcia on the details of the car accident

Daniel Garcia is a great wrestler whose career is on the rise. Yet in 2019, many felt that Garcia could leave the WWE and end his career. It happened after a terrible car accident. In the conversation "Talk is Jericho", he revealed more details.

What is frightening is that the car was split in half. “We just hit some black ice, the car spun out and we crashed right into like, the end of the guard rail,” Garcia said, as quoted by wrestlinginc. "So the guard rail basically splits the car in half … I broke my femur in my right leg and my [fibula] and tibia in my left shin and ankle.

Daniel Garcia on his accident

Daniel Garcia was asleep at the time, but the car was spinning and it woke him up. They found themselves out of the road. Garcia felt that he had broken several bones “So I was sleeping in the back and I remember I woke up and we were spinning,” Garcia said.

“… After the crash, it was almost like, peaceful. You couldn’t hear anything, there was no traffic. There was like dew on the ground ’cause I was able to get to the ground somehow and I remember just laying there, and I looked up at the front of the car and I see the people in the front … Kevin Bennett, he goes, ‘Daniel, are you okay?’ And I went, ‘Yeah, I’m good.

I think I broke both my legs though”. Daniel Garcia could have gone worse in this accident, but luck still looked at him, and we are glad he came back. It was a good lesson in his life, and he learned something after that.

“If we hit a few inches over the rail, it would’ve went through the car and hit me directly. That was only a couple inches away from the end for me”. said Daniel Garcia.