Could Vince McMahon sell WWE?

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Could Vince McMahon sell WWE?

In recent days, a great scandal emerged within the WWE. According to reports from the Wall Street Journal, the Chairman of the company Vince McMahon's said to have had a consenting relationship with a woman who worked for him and would have paid this woman three million dollars to sign a confidentiality agreement and not to leak anything.

A situation that eventually came out and that is bringing great embarrassment to WWE. Vince immediately tried to resolve the issue, removing himself as the CEO and thus leaving room for his daughter Stephanie to take over the job for the moment.

Former WWE Jim Cornette spoke about the situation regarding Vince McMahon and agreed on the possibility that the decision to self-suspend could lead the company to big problems in the future.

Jim Cornette opens up on Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon has been running WWE for years, tackling internal issues and curating the creative team.

Here are his words, spelled out in his Jim Cornette Experience Show: "I think WWE without Vince McMahon in charge, one way or another, can become a huge mess. You all know what I think of his creativity but I believe that without him the WWE will soon be sold and maybe the new buyers will turn it into a totally different company and that it looks even less like wrestling than it does now."

Then Cornette went on to explain his reasons: "All the people who have never been into wrestling will be tickled by such a situation and will try hard to work there. This wrestling war is very complicated and I believe that business will fly.

soon to new and surprising reversals." Cornette has ruled out that AEW President Tony Khan could take advantage and headlong into WWE but he rather believes there could be new buyers soon. Speaking to Sportkeeda, former WWE manager Dutch Mantell explained the reason for Vince McMahon's presence at SmackDown: "Vince wanted to make it clear to everyone that he won't step aside easily, the suspension was almost mandatory but Vince doesn't want to get out of it.

half and proved it with that intervention." In 1972, McMahon bought the company from his own father and built his empire. His vision truly transformed the wrestling business, back when promoters had their own territories.

McMahon unified all of American wrestling and broadcasted it directly into people’s homes! Then came the WrestleManias, Monday night RAWs and the television rating wars with WCW. From filing for bankruptcy in 1976 to becoming a billionaire in the 1990s, his is a true rags-to-riches success story.