Pat McAfee may be back in the ring soon


Pat McAfee may be back in the ring soon

After the first main event of Wrestlemania 38, where WWE had gone to propose a new challenge between WWE Canadian Kevin Owens and Stone Cold, the company also opted for a now-classic challenge in the second evening of the event, which fans of the WWE Universe have been waiting for years, that is the umpteenth clash between Stone Cold Steve Austin, historic Hall of Famer of the WWE and the Chairman of the entire company, Vince McMahon.

After having gone through the entire Era Attitude of the then WWF as absolute protagonists, the two ended up separating their paths but never completely, with Steve Austin who for almost twenty years has hung up his boots, with a retreat semi-permanent and with the Chairman who instead continued to work from his Stamford office and from backstage and gorilla positions around the world.

After a good 19 years, the Stamford company managed to convince one of its most famous Hall of Famers to return to the ring, after his last match which was staged at Wrestlemania 19, before leaving the company and retiring from wrestling.

Obviously, in order not to hurt anyone, the Chairman also decided to fight his first match in years, returning to the scene against Pat McAfee, a reporter of the federation, after his match against Austin Theory. Obviously, as all WWE Universe participants expected, Steve Austin eventually went to hit all the protagonists of the ring with a resounding Stunner.

Backstage News on Pat McAfee

As we got to see during the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown, Happy Corbin and Pat McAfee sparked each other after the match won by Madcap Moss, with the babyface standing next to Corbin, which ended his feud lasted a few weeks with the company's former King of the Ring.

Apparently, this beginning of the bickering between the two could lead the former football player and current reporter of the blue show to return to the rings at Summerslam, or at least that's what Dave Meltzer is saying in the last hours, to the microphones of his Wrestling Observer newsletters.

In one of his latest updates, Meltzer said: "It seems to be so looking at what they're doing, I don't know if it will, but that's what they suggest, which is a McAfee against Corbin, you know, probably for Summerslam." In view of the most anticipated event of the summer, it seems that WWE wants to create something memorable for its fans, as happened for Wrestlemania, with all the notable characters available who should thus be called to report in the summer Big Four.

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