Has WWE invested too much in Roman Reigns?

Roman Reigns is the Tribal Chief and the undisputed Universal Champion of WWE

by Simone Brugnoli
Has WWE invested too much in Roman Reigns?

In recent months, Roman Reigns has gone to consolidate his reign as WWE World Champion in a very important way, with the victory of Wrestlemania 38 which even led him to snatch the belt of WWE Champion from the Beast of the company: Brock Lesnar, starting thus a great new reign as the undisputed champion of the McMahon-owned federation, having spent over 600 days as an unbeaten Universal Champion.

Needless to say, WWE is really betting very hard on its Undisputed Champion, with Reigns and his Bloodline not seeming to lose even an inch against their opponents, with Reigns not being pinned for a few years now, having also held one.

Very high victory score since returning to the scene with WWE after being absent for the initial period of the covid-19 pandemic. After also beating Riddle at Smackdown, with Orton's partner who will no longer be able to challenge him until the title is in the hands of the Tribal Chief, to return to shake the arenas of the company and the entire Bloodline, Brock Lesnar has thought of it, returned in the last episode of Smackdown, claiming yet another title match for Summerslam.

Latest update on Roman Reigns' status

WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre feels winning the Money in the Bank match will be his one chance to square off against Roman Reigns. In his latest speech to his Jim Cornette Experience, the well-known former WWE insider, who worked both as an on-screen manager and as head of the creative team backstage of the company for a few years, wanted to have his say on yet another clash.

between the two WWE top names, stating: "Here you have one of the greatest Wrestlemania rematches that they could have used for anything. But now the problem is, if Brock and Roman get their rematch at Summerslam, it will mean that the maximum stake will be there and they will bet everything on that PPV.

Then what will they plan for the Survivor Series, the Royal Rumble and the next Wrestlemania main event next year at this point? They should have given a little more shine or rehabilitated some names to make some rematches with some other guy." According to Cornette, therefore, the WWE would be using this ace for Summerslam, with the next paid events that could thus not have the Tribal Chief at work, because no opponent worthy of such a challenge could be found in all the rosters of the company.

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