*Spoiler* Elias is back to sing in the ring

Raw has now become the most criticized WWE show

by Simone Brugnoli
*Spoiler* Elias is back to sing in the ring

In recent weeks, one of the characters who have made WWE Universe fans chatter about the strangeness of the storyline in which he is involved with the company is undoubtedly Ezekiel, Elias' younger brother, again according to the Stamford-based federation storyline, but that in in reality he is just the same person, as Kevin Owens asserts from the first day the wrestler appeared in the WWE rings, immediately after Wrestlemania 38.

From then on, a feud was born between the two that still goes on, with tonight's Monday Night Raw episode, which was fundamental for Owens' sanity, given that both athletes, Elias and Ezekiel, they were supposed to appear during the show, to show that they are both distinct and separate people, which the Canadian hasn't believed in the slightest from day one.

Before stepping into the ring for his usual gig, Elias appeared in an obviously pre-recorded WWE backstage segment of the show, in the company of his brother Ezekiel. Obviously the whole thing was artificially built with two overlapping videos of the wrestler, but to which the fans gave a great following, only to go up against the WWE Prizefighter.

Elias is back

Immediately after the commercial, Elias wanted to get right in the ring, for his usual concert with the guitar, but was interrupted by Kevin Owens, who said that the backstage video had obviously been recorded with special effects, such as a magical film and that in reality the two are the same person, made up with a fake beard.

Despite this, Ezekiel appeared on the big screen, while his brother was still in the ring to say that they both had been telling the truth. Obviously, faced with yet another lie, Kevin Owens tried to attack Elias in the ring, but was knocked out with the usual "guitar" on his back, bestowed by the bearded athlete, who had not shown himself in the ring with this look for months.

Before the latest edition of RAW, Elias had a backstage segment with his younger brother Ezekiel. He showcased his support and encouragement for Zeke's performance on the red brand so far. Elias' live performance was then interrupted by a disgruntled Kevin Owens, who stated that the previous segment featuring him and his brother had been pre-taped.

The latter then threw the star's guitar outside the ring. While coming to his bearings backstage, Kevin Patrick asked him his thoughts on the performance but was interrupted by Ezekiel. A confused Owens said he would face the latter in a singles match on RAW next week.

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