*Spoiler* Vince McMahon made a new appearance

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*Spoiler* Vince McMahon made a new appearance

During the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown, WWE patron Vince McMahon wanted to make a special appearance, to be seen still firmly at the helm of his company, after what happened with the extramarital scandal that hit him, with the Chairman that he would have paid a woman, his employee, a full three million dollars to have her silence on this relationship.

Immediately after the usual WWE opening theme for each of his weekly shows, Vince McMahon's entrance music resonated in the arena where Friday Night Smackdown was airing, with the usual chorus "No Chance in Hell"

Once he won the ring, the WWE patron took the microphone to focus on the words of the WWE intro "Then, Now, Forever and Together" word. Immediately afterwards Vince welcomed Smackdown to fans of the company and finally threw the microphone away, walking out of the ring.

With a handful of words and with a "welcome", Vince has thus opened the episode of the blue show, without mentioning in the least what happened and above all without even mentioning the fact that he is absent from his role, leaving room for his daughter Stephanie, with the fans who were quite dumbfounded by this intervention, which was practically done only to make it clear that Vince is there and remains steadfast in his place.

Vince McMahon has appeared again

If all this were not enough, Vince McMahon also wanted to make a special appearance on Monday Night Raw, with this intervention that was not advertised and in fact came as a surprise for fans of the arena and those from home.

At one point on the show, Vince appeared in the ring with his usual music, once again thanking fans and putting hype in the WWE Universe towards John Cena's return. Regarding the Leader of the Chain Gang, Vince claimed that Cena is the greatest Superstar of all time built by WWE, with his arrival on Raw helping to make the WWE show the longest-running in history.

After all these compliments, Vince left the ring, obviously not mentioning in any way the situation he is experiencing, with his daughter Stephanie taking his place as Chairman until the end of the investigation into him.

McMahon is currently in the midst of controversy as he is alleged to have had an affair and reached a $3 million settlement with a former WWE paralegal. While he is under investigation, Vince's daughter Stephanie has taken charge as the interim Chairwoman and CEO of the company.