WWE confirms Edge's injury

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WWE confirms Edge's injury

During the live broadcast of Monday Night Raw a few weeks ago, Judgment Day presented its latest member, Finn Balor who sensationally presented himself in the ring receiving a welcome from the leader Edge, confirming his official entry into the stable of Raw's heel.

After a short promo, in which Balor confirmed that he was tired of being in the shadow of characters like the Phenomenal One, the unthinkable happened, however, with the whole stable that backfired against its leader, Edge, with the three remaining wrestlers who started hitting the Rated R Superstar, first in the ring then also outside of it.

The whole thing ended with a devastating con-chair-to, which will most likely keep Edge away from the scene for weeks, as his contract also foresees a long pause that will serve to sell this attack/betrayal even better. Apparently, the new stable leader turned out to be Finn Balor, with the former NXT Champion who, after a short break from babyface, became a heel again.

What's next for Edge?

Although the WWE had already given updates on the injury that is keeping the Rated R Superstar out of the scene, this night the company wanted to point out the thing, declaring that after the brutal attack of its former stable, it also came with two chairs steel, Edge suffered a fracture of the orbital floor of one eye.

This fracture, fortunately, does not turn out to be a compound fracture, with the athlete who will remain out of the scene for this reason, (which is obviously due to an off-ring reason), for several weeks. After the turn heel of Finn Balor, therefore, the turn face of Edge should soon arrive, who will certainly return to ask for his revenge once "healed" from his injury, probably just before Summerslam, if WWE intends to make the Canadian also appear in the federation's summer Big Four.

At WrestleMania 38, The Archer of Infamy joined The Judgment Day and became the first member to align with the WWE Hall of Famer in his new faction. Fast forward to WrestleMania Backlash, Rhea Ripley assisted The Rated-R Superstar in his match against AJ Styles.

The former RAW Women's Champion was then introduced as the second member of Judgment Day. Finn Balor looks to have taken over the leadership of The Judgment Day now. This decision caught many by surprise as the faction started only a few months ago.

Under the guidance of a legend with exceptional character work and experience like Edge, the group seemingly had a very bright future. According to the latest report by Mike Johnson of PWInsider, The Rated-R Superstar has officially been moved to the babyface side of the roster following the betrayal on RAW.