New details on Ric Flair's return

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New details on Ric Flair's return
New details on Ric Flair's return (Provided by Wrestling World)

In mid-May, we announced that Ric Flair would be back for a final match on July 31st for Jim Crockett Promotions: "The rumors are true! I'm Going To Walk That Aisle, Style And Profile, one last time! July! Nashville, Tennessee!

Jim Crockett Promotions! I'll prove once again, that to be the man, you have to beat the man! Now let's go to school! WOOHOO! TICKETS:" And even if many remain worried about his state of health, given that he is now a certain age and has many problems, he wanted to assure everyone: "For the 30% of the people who are worried about my entry into the ring and for the fact that I will fight again, first of all, I assure you that I have been in the ring a lot more than I have shown on social media.

I have to go faster, I have to go faster. Now I am fitter than before, fitter than before. than I have ever been in my entire life because I train with Rob, John Cena's personal trainer, in terms of cardio."

Ric Flair is a 16-time World Champion

Originally, the match was scheduled for the Nashville Fairgrounds, but the event has now been moved to the much larger Nashville Municipal Auditorium, as was first reported by Sports Illustrated's Justin Barrasso.

The new facility can accommodate 9,000 people, about three times the capacity of the previous site. This news was also commented on by Ric Flair himself in a press release: "On July 31, I will still walk along that style and profile corridor as only I can.

But now, with a bigger crowd, with brighter lights! The Nature Boy can't wait to do what I do best. WOOOO!" In the same statement, it was explained that the decision to move the show was dictated by the fact that many fans expressed their desire to attend the last match of this legendary wrestler.

On the Wooooo Nation Uncensored podcast, Ric Flair and host Mark Madden discussed The Nature Boy's 60-minute match with Barry Windham. Flair praised the WWE Hall of Famer for the match and called him an underrated pro wrestling legend.

"He was so natural, so good. We never talked about anything, we had great chemistry. I wish his name was remembered in more high regard because Barry Windham was one of the greatest of all time. 'One of the greatest' - I'll use that word for Barry Windham all day long.

He had a knee injury and a couple of different things. When Barry wanted to and when he was healthy, he was as good as anybody, especially considering he's 6'6" and 255-260 pounds," said Ric Flair.

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