Booker T on Adam Cole's injury: We gotta get some muscle on this kid

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Booker T on Adam Cole's injury: We gotta get some muscle on this kid

Booker T is a man who regularly comments on situations in the world of wrestling, and this time he commented on Adam Cole's injury. Many immediately put him 'on the knife', and thought Booker T was a little rude when he said the following: “If Adam Cole has to have surgery and he’s down for six, nine months and he, you know, lose any more muscle, it’s going to be hard on this brother,” Booker said, as quoted by wrestlinginc.

“You know what I’m saying? Right now, he’s about a buck 60. “… We gotta get more weight on Adam Cole, you know what I mean? That’s his problem, he’s light, bottom light. We gotta get some muscle on this kid.

That’s probably one of the reasons why he’s going out there, getting hurt because it can’t be the schedule at AEW”.

Booker T explains his views

After many perceived this as an ‘insult’, Booker T expressly justified his statements.

“People want to make it seem like I’m hating on an AEW guy – I’m not,” Booker said. “If I didn’t like Adam Cole, I wouldn’t be saying that we need to get some muscle on him. I’d be saying a whole lot worse than that”.

Moreover, two years ago Booker T praised Adam Cole and his progress. “‘Not to blow Shawn Michaels’ horn or anything like that, but he [Cole] seems like that next level Shawn Michaels type guy that can go out there and be that Mr.

WrestleMania,” Booker T said before two years. “This guy literally outshined so much talent on that [NXT] roster that has been there for quite some time. Not to knock these guys or anything like that, but Ricochet, he was there before.

Finn Balor was there before Adam Cole. But the one guy I seem to feel that had that star quality and star power to go out there and move some numbers right now is Adam Cole”.