Rhea Ripley's injury is still mysterious

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Rhea Ripley's injury is still mysterious

During the last episode of Monday Night Raw, there was a live announcement at the opening of Bianca Belair, with WWE calling for a Fatal 5 Way match to decree a new No. 1 title contender, as had already happened. a few days ago, when Rhea Ripley had thought of winning the match.

Asuka, Becky Lynch, Liv Morgan, Alexa Bliss and Carmella have once again been included in the Raw contention, with all these names having already been former world champions (except Liv Morgan) in different situations. T o have the better, among the many big names, however, Carmella took care of it, and won the contest quite surprisingly, as fans expected one between Asuka and Becky Lynch as the winner, but apparently, the WWE could have much bigger plans for them, perhaps for the next Big Four, Summerslam.

All of this, was because Rhea Ripley was found ineligible to enter the company's rings for the next few weeks.

The latest news on Rhea Ripley

This report has now been confirmed as Monday Night RAW opened with Belair coming to the ring and informing the crowd that Rhea Ripley would not be medically cleared for their MITB title match.

Apparently, although several hours have already passed since the episode of the red show in which WWE wanted to change the cards on the table for Money in the Bank, there would still be no news regarding Rhea Ripley's physical situation.

According to several American news sites, in fact, no clue as to what Ripley's problem is emerged from the backstage of the WWE, with such shortcomings that seem to point this problem to a new contagion from covid or a possible concussion, which usually lead the WWE to oust their athletes without adding any kind of information.

Even Dave Meltzer, in his last speech at the Wrestling Observer, wanted to say: "I don't know what the situation is. I hope to find out, but I've asked around and nobody seems to know anything specific. Usually, when they do this it is the fault of the covid or a concussion and in both cases, she should have been able to get it back by July 2nd.

With the covid of course. With the concussions, you know, it depends from case to case, but everything would have emerged over time and not immediately. It could be a knee injury or something, but yeah, no details on anything at these moments. Probably more will be heard tomorrow, I think. But, she won't be ready by July 2nd."