Backstage news on Kevin Owens' future

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Backstage news on Kevin Owens' future
Backstage news on Kevin Owens' future (Provided by Wrestling World)

In recent weeks, one of the characters who have made WWE Universe fans chatter about the strangeness of the storyline in which he is involved with the company is undoubtedly Ezekiel, Elias' younger brother, again according to the Stamford federation storyline, but that in reality, he is just the same person, as Kevin Owens asserts from the first day the wrestler appeared in the WWE rings, immediately after Wrestlemania 38.

From then on, a feud was born between the two that still goes on, with tonight's Monday Night Raw episode, which was fundamental for Owens' sanity, given that both athletes, Elias and Ezekiel, were supposed to appear during the show, to show that they are both distinct and separate people, which the Canadian hasn't believed in the slightest from day one.

Before stepping into the ring for his usual gig, Elias appeared in an obviously pre-recorded WWE backstage segment of the show, in the company of his brother Ezekiel. Obviously, the whole thing was artificially built with two overlapping videos of the wrestler, but to which the fans gave a great following, only to go up against the WWE Prizefighter.

What's next for Kevin Owens?

Following the segment, Kevin Owens demanded to face Elias, Ezekiel, or their younger brother Elrod next week on Monday Night RAW. This prompted Ezekiel to accept the challenge on behalf of his family.

This subsequently led to Kevin Owens losing his mind in the process as he was just in the ring with Elias minutes earlier. As we saw in the last episode of Monday Night Raw, Elias made his comeback ahead of the WWE Universe, with Kevin Owens going on a rampage, feeling teased by the athlete, after watching the pre-backstage segment.

-recorded, in which the two "brothers" spoke quietly. Apparently, in the next episode of the red show, Kevin Owens could go to fight with an even different character, after his promo last Monday, with the WWE Prizefighter who asked for a challenge with Ezekiel, or with Elias or maybe with a third brother we don't know yet, Elrod.

Obviously, Owens' was a joke, dictated by frustration, but apparently, WWE would have something different in mind, as in the latest commercials for the next flag show, Owens' challenge is presented like this. Many in the WWE Universe have called Cody Rhodes the highlight of Monday Night RAW during 2022. However, no one has made more out of what they've been given than Kevin Owens.

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