WWE fans criticized for wanting to unify major titles

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WWE fans criticized for wanting to unify major titles

As we saw extensively in the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Brock Lesnar is back after a long hiatus following the defeat he suffered at the hands of Roman Reigns in April at Wrestlemania 38, in which The Beast lost his WWE Champion belt.

The Beast Incarnate returned at the end of the show trying to peacefully offer the hand to the Tribal Chief, who accepted it, but then in full Lesnar style, the whole Bloodline got a nice F-5, being knocked out to confirm again.

once all its power. The fans were shocked and many were also angry because we have already seen this challenge between the two many times and we say that very often they have also disappointed the expectations of the public.

Apparently, now the two will also face each other in the Summerslam main event, on July 30th, with WWE having already confirmed how the two will enter the ring for a Last Man Standing match, which will be the umpteenth contest of theirs in a feud that has been going on in practice for a year.

WWE is under attack

In the latest episode of his Hall of Fame podcast, the well-known former WWE world champion, Booker T, wanted to point the finger at all those fans who clamored for the world titles to be unified, with the same fans now complaining about the umpteenth challenge between the two WWE big names, with Booker T saying: "This is the result of certain things (the unification of the titles ed) - never having titled matches.

You want to see a titled defense, that's the point. I don't think it's just Brock and I don't think it's just Roman. You want to see AJ Styles, you want to see Bobby Lashley and with this unified belt thing, the result is this.

You (co-host of the episode Brad Gilmore ed) and a lot of other people asked for this." Following Ezekiel's massive announcement on RAW last week, the WWE Universe took to social media to claim that they wanted Aron Stevens, fka Damien Sandow, to return as the former's older brother.

In reaction to Stevens' tweet, the WWE Universe had witty responses. Some fans were even convinced that the former tag team champion will return as the former 24/7 Champion. Having already proven his skills in the ring and on the mic in his earlier run as the leader of the Wyatt Family, the former Husky Harris underwent yet another significant character change in 2019.

Despite still going by the Bray Wyatt ring name, Windham Rotunda's character became very different. No longer a shady cult leader, Wyatt turned into an unsettlingly upbeat children's TV show host.