Raw: Seth Rollins is out of control

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Raw: Seth Rollins is out of control
Raw: Seth Rollins is out of control

Meanwhile, Becky Lynch comes backstage frustrated and screams in Gorilla Position in the face of poor Adam Pearce who tells her that she can still have her chance in the match against Asuka tonight to qualify for the MITB Ladder Match and she goes crazy because she just fought and doesn't want to do it again.

Poor Becky... Mr. McMahon also shows up on Raw. Surprisingly, unlike SmackDown, Vince McMahon enters the ring talking about the red show thanking the fans for the success he has had over the years, and announces the return of John Cena next week as it's 20 years of his career.

Riddle's speech. The Bro steps into the ring talking about how close he has come to winning against Roman Reigns on Friday, saying he has disappointed everyone from fans to Randy but says he will not give up and even if he can no longer challenge Roman directly, he can win the MITB Ladder.

Match and have his revenge for how things turned out. Riddle took a few shots at Seth Rollins before MVP and Omos came out for the match. After the two sides exchanged some h*t words, the match got underway.

Seth Rollins attacked Riddle

Omos will be perfect for the match at MITB.

WWE has relied on giants and high-flyers in ladder matches to give fans some big spots. After the match, Seth Rollins attacked Riddle. He stomped the former RAW Tag Team Champion before laughing his way out of the arena. It looks like WWE is planning a rivalry between the two heading into SummerSlam.

Then he focuses on Seth Rollins by threatening him with a ladder to avenge his friend Cody Rhodes and at that moment Omos and MVP come out, with the manager practically telling him he's smoked if he thinks he can beat Omos to qualify for the match.

Men’s MITB Qualifying Match: Riddle vs Omos. Riddle, who is already in bad shape for the match against Roman Reigns, in fact, he is swaddled in the bust, is used as a bad toy that a child no longer wants from Omos and even if he tries to react it is really hard for him and in the end he loses with the giant that officially qualifies for the MITB Ladder match.

After celebrating, however, Omos attacks Riddle and after leaving the ring, Seth Rollins enters, and takes the Bro throwing him out of the ring. In all these, perhaps Rollins forgets that he comes from a streak of defeats in pay-per-view not to be envied by anyone, but oh well ...

Then, of course, he adds that Roman Reigns is avoiding him from the Royal Rumble, but he won't be able to do it when he wins the briefcase. Riddle however recovers, attacks him, but ultimately suffers a stomp.

Raw Seth Rollins

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