Raw: Bobby Lashley impressed everyone

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Raw: Bobby Lashley impressed everyone

The return of Elias. There were two different people: Ezekiel and Elias. And, we see the two brothers sitting together on a sofa talking about where the guitarist was who says he traveled a lot and wrote songs. Then he adds that he is proud of his brother and Ezekiel tells him that the public, even if he is gone, remembers Walk With Elias and then also talks about wanting to achieve the goal of winning the briefcase and becoming champion by making theirs proud.

parents. After a break, we see Elias in the middle of the ring as in the old days he plays and says he is happy to be back in front of the audience and that he is there to remind us that WWE IS ABOUT… WALK WITH ELIAS!

Theory came out for a solo pose-down before Bobby Lashley snuck up behind him and sprayed him with baby oil. The latter hit a Spear on the US Champ and challenged him to a title match.

Bobby Lashley is a force of nature

The match took place later on RAW, and Gable was up next against Bobby Lashley.

Lashley punished him outside the ring before taking him inside. He missed a Spear and got caught in an Ankle Lock. The former WWE Champion fought out and locked in the Hurt Lock to defeat Gable. Otis ran out next and stomped Lashley down.

Then he starts playing a song dedicated to his brother Ezekiel, but obviously, Kevin Owens interrupts him by calling him a liar, saying that the video didn't screw him and that special effects exist. But Ezekiel appears on the big screen telling him that they are two different people and that he hopes that now he has understood and Elias says that they are not liars and then KO sings a song to make fun of him says: "KO is a liar"

Obviously the Canadian gets angry throwing away the guitar, but the musician takes another one he had there and smashes it on his back. Shortly after, backstage, we find a Kevin Owens in pain with reporter Kevin Patrick asking him if he is finally convinced that they are two different people, but he keeps saying that the video on the screen was pre-recorded and that he put on a beard and he doesn't care.

if there are two brothers, or three or which one of them will come forward, but he challenges them next week and at that moment Ezekiel approaches accepting and KO goes out of his mind not understanding anything.