Raw: Doudrop won an important title


Raw: Doudrop won an important title

During the last few tapes of the WWE Main Event show, which usually gets a little snubbed by the public until there's someone important getting into it and then there is criticism, the 24/7 title has changed hands, or better to say, mistress.

In fact, Doudrop defeated Dana Brooke and managed to steal the title from her which is also the first title that the Scottish manages to win, given that at NXT UK, with the name Piper Niven, she had already tried to conquer the female one without ever succeed.

Doudrop joins wrestlers like Madusa, Kelly Kelly, Tamina, Dana Brooke and others, among the women who managed to take home this belt, which sadly doesn't have much prestige, but which is still exploited on shows to keep some wrestlers, who do not find space in the weekly episodes as the main attraction, busy.

Doudrop defeated Dana Brooke

Doudrop returned to WWE TV when she made an appearance on this week's Monday Night RAW in a segment with Nikki A.S.H. In an interview with Mike Johnson of PWInsider in January, Dana Brooke said: “Honestly, that's all for me.

Being a champion 24/7, she made me affirm myself as a person because I love to self-assert myself as a winner. Before having this title, even when I was a girl and practiced gymnastics, at 18 I said to myself and looked in the mirror: 'I am a champion, I am a champion and I will be a champion.'

I said this constantly and felt like I had reached my limit in my WWE career, I had never achieved anything special but when I won that title, I have now taken a big leap forward in my career. I am a woman, I want to raise this title and show that anything a woman takes it into her head to do is possible.

There was an opportunity out there and I took advantage of it. I want every single little girl out there to tell herself that she is a champion. I want to represent every single woman out there who feels like she has reached her limit and she wants to make a change.

I want to tell them that anything is possible." After making her return, the former NXT UK star took to Twitter to break her silence. She responded to a fan who uploaded a picture of her and captioned it that it was good to see her. "Glad to be back," she wrote.