Raw: Becky Lynch showed all her frustration

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Raw: Becky Lynch showed all her frustration

Gauntlet Match: Bobby Lashley vs three mysterious contestants. The first to come forward is Chad Gable who is immediately blocked by the All Mighty who puts him in difficulty and continues to do so even then outside the ring, slamming him first against the barricades and then against the post.

After a while, Chad Gable locks him in an Ankle Lock that also lasts a long time, but Lashley breaks free, only he is weakened and Gable makes a Moonsault trying to win, which escapes him. In the end, Bobby Lashley wins with Hurt Lock, but Otis attacks him and we understand that he is the second challenger.

Otis chokes him with his foot on the mat and then takes him out, slamming him against the barricades, the stake, he throws himself on him, in short, everything and more. Upon returning from the break they returned to the ring with Otis still dominating the contest, but Bobby recovered briefly before suffering the attacks of Gable's pupil again and again.

In the end, however, after a Spear knocks him down, tries to pin him, but Gable interrupts by triggering the disqualification that makes the former Hurt Business win. But the two continue to attack him obviously. The third opponent is… BUT WHAT A SURPRISE!

Theory of course, who comes out taking advantage of the work done by the other two to inflict pain on his enemy. The problem is that as a good snooty he does not evaluate the situation well and takes a cradle from the All Mighty who not only wins the match but also his titled opportunity.

Becky Lynch wasn’t happy after losing the first match of the night. She told Adam Pearce that she was on the Money in the Bank poster but did not have a match at the event.

Becky Lynch is desperate

Women’s MITB Qualifying Match: Becky Lynch vs Asuka.

While the Japanese is making her way into the entrance, Becky runs towards her on her ramp attacking her as the two make their way to the ring where the referee rings the bell and the fight immediately begins. Despite the fought match at the opening of the show, the two seem fresh and respond well to the opponent's attacks by not going to read it, also considering that in the last month their rivalry has become more and more intense.

After an extraordinary main event that the women take home once again beautifully, after the risk of both being counted out of her, Asuka delivers a powerful kick to Becky's head and wins by pinning her to qualify for the MITB Ladder Match.

The Irishman, however, comes out of the square starting to smash everything she finds desperate and then sits on the ground crying.