Hangman Adam Page: That's not my goal, to be like Steve Austin

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Hangman Adam Page: That's not my goal, to be like Steve Austin

Hangman Adam Page has gained great fame as a wrestler, and many compare him to Steve Austin. However, Adam Page revealed that his goal never was to be a Steve Austin. “I don’t know, that’s never my goal,” Page said for Insight with Chris Van Vliet, as quoted by Wrestling Inc.

“I could understand how you’d see that but it was never my intention or my goal or anything like that. Stone Cold is awesome, I’ll take it as a compliment. People tell me stuff like that about this guy or that guy, I hope people don’t think that’s my intention like I want to be the next whatever.

That’s not the case, remotely never has been”.

Hangman Adam Page on his childhood

Adam Page also recalled his childhood and his friend Adam with whom he fell in love with wrestling. “There’s only me and my one other friend Adam, whose name I have now adopted,” Page said.

“We had a rotating cast of classmates who would for one show join in but they weren’t recurring characters. It was largely just me and my friend Adam, to make a show you’d have to have maybe three matches.

“It would be me vs. him, then me and him in two different masks, then me and him in two different masks and that was the show, wrestling on the trampoline for an hour. I was Kid Kryptonite, I was a Hurricane inspired really poorly done superhero, I was very bad at being a superhero.

The other one was Blade, I wore a ski mask and then I was just me”. His parents had an interesting idea. “This was just like my parents, my uncle, friend from down the road would come and watch the show. My parents when I was in 5th or 6th grade, for Christmas one year, we had a trampoline and we had busted the first trampoline all to sh*t, so they bought a new trampoline and built a wooden wrestling ring frame around it. It was wild, very wild. You couldn’t bump on the wood, it was way way too much,” Hangman Adam Page.