Backstage reaction to John Laurinaitis' removal

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Backstage reaction to John Laurinaitis' removal

As we have already reported in the past few days, there has been a huge scandal that has hit Vince McMahon in the last week. The WWE Chairman, in fact, would have been accused by some members of the board of directors of the company, of having had an extramarital affair with one of the lawyers of the company and then of having sought the silence of the woman and other people involved with the payment of $3 million.

Although the payment was made with the Chairman's personal money and not the company's money, there is still an ugly black cloud hanging over Vince McMahon's head, with another great WWE character taking a lot of risk now, who is John Laurinaitis, who he seems to have committed the crime of "aiding and abetting" the love that exploded in the backstage of the McMahon family's company.

In the last few hours, we also saw John Laurinaitis being removed from his role as director of WWE talent relations, with the person taking his place obviously being Bruce Prichard, former head of the company's creative team and right-hand man of Vince McMahon.

This move was obviously a must after what emerged in the investigation against the Chairman, with Vince himself having already taken a step back, leaving his daughter Stephanie his post as CEO of the WWE, obviously temporarily.

But how did the rest of the WWE backstage take the news of the new assignment entrusted to Bruce Prichard? Apparently, according to what was stated by the well-known Fightful Select, the WWE crew's said to have been informed via a message that Prichard had taken the place of Laurinaitis, with the athletes who now seem to be a bit worried, given that Prichard will have both creative control and therefore there would be the only person to act as a filter between them and Vince himself.

In the event that someone were to ask for free time, they would have to go to Prichard, with the same executive who obviously would be burdened with work and could therefore not be able to fulfill the requests of all the staff who take part in the WWE shows daily.

Backstage News on John Laurinaitis

During a recent edition of Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Dutch Mantell recalled a popular joke from back in the day often used to describe John Laurinatis' bond with former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

He also stated that Laurinaitis is smart and solely catered to Vince's needs, advising the boss whenever required: "This was a joke about Laurinaitis. If Vince was walking down the hallway and John was following him and Vince made a sudden stop, we would have to call a nasal surgeon to get his nose out of Vince's butt because he would go so far up in there."