Big E's neck looks much better

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Big E's neck looks much better

In recent months there has been a great deal of apprehension about the former WWE Champion of Monday Night Raw, Big E, with the athlete who for a few weeks had returned to show all his talent in the rings of the Friday Night Smackdown blue show, and who, on the night of Friday 11 March, had a painful and frightening accident that led him to literally break his neck, during a phase of his match in the tag team, alongside Kofi Kingston, against Ridge Holland and Sheamus.

While his opponent Ridge Holland performed a Belly to Belly Suplex on him outside the ring, Big E fell on his head and neck, in a rather sprawled manner, which caused the fracture of two cervical vertebrae, the famous C6.

and C1. Fortunately, already from the first news about his state of health, the nerves of the spine seemed not to have been involved, as had already partially confirmed the state of his limbs, with Big E who was able to move both the fingers of the hands than those of the feet.

Apparently, in the end not even any surgical operation was needed for the New Day athlete, although the rehabilitation now would be quite long and above all very delicate, with the athlete who was in misfortune also very lucky not to receive other very problems.

more serious with this injury.

Big E feels better

With a video posted by the New Day athlete himself on his Twiter profile, Big E wanted to show all the improvements his neck was able to do with just a few months of rest and physiotherapy, showing how many movements he can already do, despite the two fractures.

The video in question was sent by the former WWE Champion himself in response to a fan. Fortunately, even the C1 vertebra, which seemed the most difficult to heal, seems to have welded correctly, without the athlete being forced to wear the collar for weeks or to undergo an operation to fuse several vertebrae together.

Speaking with Robbie Fox, Big E recalled how he got a text message from from Edge. "Edge texted me and, I don't wanna butcher the text, but it was something about just like the fact that it took so long, makes it so much sweeter," said Big E.

"And he's right. Sure, it could have been cool to have this championship 6-7 years ago but to have felt that, I'm at a point now where I earned it and I put the work in and it doesn't feel handed to me. [It] makes the journey sweeter as cliche as it sounds. It's enjoyable because it feels like a long time coming."