Rhea Ripley confirms the nature of her injury

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Rhea Ripley confirms the nature of her injury

Apparently, although several hours have already passed since the episode of the red show in which the WWE wanted to change the cards on the table for Money in the Bank, with Carmella who went to replace Rhea Ripley in the match titled to the PPV, there would still be news regarding Rhea Ripley's physical situation.

According to several American news sites, in fact, no clue as to what Ripley's problem is emerged from the backstage of the WWE, with such shortcomings that seem to point this problem to a new contagion from covid or a possible concussion, which usually lead the WWE to oust their athletes without adding any kind of information.

To give a confirmation of what is happening to her, Rhea herself thought about it at the end, who, even a little annoyed, wanted to respond to some fans of the company, who continued to tease her online on various social networks, saying not to see her quite injured from the photos she posted.

New details on Rhea Ripley

In her latest intervention online, the former absolute champion of the main roster wanted to confide to fans the nature of her injury, confirming that the dental problem is not completely concluded, after having rushed to the dentist a couple of weeks ago.

In her comment, Rhea Ripley wrote: "Head / teeth. You can't see a head injury. Stop being incompetent and looking for nothing." At the moment we don't know how long it will take the former NXT athlete to get back to fighting in the WWE rings, or if he is following some therapy that will keep her out of the ring for a few weeks.

The only certain thing, at the moment, is that Rhea will not be able to take part in the next WWE ppv, Money in the Bank and therefore in all the weekly commitments scheduled from now until the ppv, with Carmella who will try to make people feel as little as possible the remoteness of the only woman on Judgment Day, at least for now.

The segment was supposed to be designed to anoint Finn Balor as the newest member of Edge's dark coalition. Instead, the group attacked their leader and left The Rated-R Superstar laying. It was one of the most surprising betrayals in recent RAW history.

A post on Twitter by World Wrestling Entertainment's official account referred to the ugly incident as "disturbing." Ripley immediately fired back, playing down the attack as mere "fun" for the three remaining members of The Judgment Day.