WWE disconnects John Laurinatis' phone

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WWE disconnects John Laurinatis' phone
WWE disconnects John Laurinatis' phone

In the past week, WWE has literally been hit by a scandal that is unbelievable, with Vince McMahon, patron of the federation for the past 40 years, was discovered to have had an extramarital affair with one of his employees on the legal team of the WWE and after paying her $3 million for her silence.

In all this hustle and bustle, John Laurinaitis, now former director of WWE talent relations, would also have ended up, with the Chairman and Laurinaitis himself having been removed from their roles, at least momentarily, even if Vince continues to appear week after week, on both Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown, as if nothing ever happened.

At the moment the WWE board of directors is carrying out an internal investigation, which will lead to the emergence of new details over time, so as to also understand what to do for the coming months.

What's next for John Laurinaitis?

In the latest episode of the "Vince McMahon and His Damage" saga, there would be a new twist regarding his right-hand man, Johnny Ace, better known as John Laurinaitis, with the former director of talent relations, who was seen overnight unplugging the service phone that WWE gave him over 20 years ago, precisely in 2001.

After working for WWE ever since, day and night, non-stop, always in a different and more important role, the former talent director has seen his phone cut off due to the complications of these investigations that are going to stir everywhere, to understand to what extent both the Chairman and his historical right-hand man are involved.

To confirm these words, the well-known overseas site, Ringside News, thought about it, confirming how different talents tried to call the number they always called when something was needed and instead found an error message.

pre-registered, with which it was recommended not to call the number as it is deactivated. Who knows what will happen to John Laurinaitis after this scandal, since apparently, the Chairman would not risk anything, not being able to be fired from his own company.

During an interview with James Romero on "WSI," the 42-year-old mentioned that the company's Head of Talent Relations, John Laurinaitis, had asked her about the altercation: "Minutes before we're going live, Johnny Ace [John Laurinaitis] comes out with Batista," said Martinez.

"He goes, 'What happened?' And I told him. He goes, 'Did that happen?' He [Batista] goes, 'I don't know.' He [Laurinaitis] goes, 'Did you flip her off?' He [Batista] goes, 'I don't know but now I am!' I'm like, 'God!'"

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