Happy Corbin responds harshly to a fan

Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss are no longer together following a tense WrestleMania weekend

by Simone Brugnoli
Happy Corbin responds harshly to a fan

In recent years the WWE has accustomed us to seeing many names and gimmicks of its athletes change, from those who have been cut to those who have received a nickname (see Doudrop), to those who have instead received a real drastic change, complete with a new gimmick and a new ring-attire, such as the complete Retribution or Nikki ASH, who still walks around dressed as a superheroine in the WWE rings.

Among the many who have undergone these changes, in the last period Baron Corbin has also returned, who first went from being King Corbin to then being Sad Corbin and finally Happy Corbin, with a very funny storyline that made him the protagonist of the Friday Night Smackdown rings for a few weeks.

After ending his long feud first with Drew McIntyre and then with ex-partner Madcap Moss, at the moment Corbin seems to have dedicated all his time to the Smackdown reporter, Pat McAfee, with the latest rumors already talking about a possible match between the two at SummerSlam.

Happy Corbin is now a veteran

Happy Corbin has been a WWE mainstay for about a decade at this point. In addition to being a heel on TV, Corbin is quite a pro regarding social media. Moreover, the star doesn't shy away from occasionally hitting back at his detractors on Twitter.

With the advent of social networks, we have also seen a growing hatred by fans, fortunately only by some, of WWE Superstars, with comments coming online that definitely don't have the same weight as those made face to face according to such characters.

Over time, we have indeed seen several McMahon Superstars go to rhymes with some very rude fans, who are always cleaned up every time by WWE employees, in one way or another. The last one to stumble upon such an argument was Happy Corbin, with a fan clearly telling him that he was just "another WWE mistake." To these words, Happy Corbin obviously responded as a good heel of the WWE, saying: "You write you're and then it's the same thing your mother says about you." In addition to correcting a huge grammatical error, "your" instead of "you're", Corbin also brought up the mother of the victim on duty, with such a fan that he'll think twice next time before insulting the WWE wrestler.

“I take pride in being a true heel. I take pride in really irritating people in that way so much that they are trying to make up words like ‘go away heat.’ I want to walk out and watch people’s faces just turn to anger and frustration. I am getting the middle finger from an 8-year-old kid to a 90-year-old grandmother," he said.

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