Adam Page: It made me, you know, a better person, a better wrestler

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Adam Page: It made me, you know, a better person, a better wrestler

In an interview with Wrestling Inc.’s Nick Hausman, Adam Page revealed what it was like to be a champion at AEW. It wasn’t easy to keep it over time because the pressure was huge, but Adam learned how to deal with it.

“I never realized the pressure of being world champion and that might seem to someone watching, like, ‘Oh, you defended it once every three or four weeks, how hard could that be?'” Page said, as quoted by Wrestling Inc.

“I don’t know that I handled [the pressure] of anyone who’s ever handled it, but it’s my first time. I think it made me, you know, a better person, a better wrestler”.

Adam Page on the pressure

Although it was his biggest dream and the reason he was there, Page was ultimately not happy and content.

He felt, as has already been said, a lot of pressure, he had to defend the title, he had to constantly prove himself, and all this brings certain problems. Still, Page has shown quality countless times and is a wrestler for a long time.

“I let [the pressure] get to me more than I thought I would,” Adam Page stated. “I thought I would win the championship and I would be happy, that I would be the perfect version of myself, and I wasn’t, either.

It’s not like I didn’t talk to [the Dark Order] every single week, because I did. But you know, maybe sometimes I was too busy or stressed to do those BTE bits every week. I let that pressure, I guess a friendship, a lot of friendships and I guess that’s, you know, the cynic in me wants to say that’s something that maybe comes with being champion, but I think as a personal thing, maybe that’s a bit of a failure or something to work on”.