Smackdown: Shocking turn heel during SmackDown

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Smackdown: Shocking turn heel during SmackDown

In recent weeks, WWE has started and modified several new storylines to put several Superstars back into play, especially after the various injuries that saw several athletes absent, such as Big E and Rhea Ripley. In addition to having seen numerous other Superstars absent, including those who have decided not to renew their contracts, such as Cesaro or those who are still on leave because of their marriage, see Charlotte Flair, many have had to stop instead because they could no longer work in the ring, such as for example the former WWE Champion Big E, still struggling with the very bad neck injury that broke two cervical vertebrae.

The two members of The New Day are thus orphaned of their friend. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods who continued their storylines alone and this night they were sadly the victim of a lousy trick, arrived at the hands of two former world tag team champions.

of the WWE, who had been absent in recent weeks, perhaps due to an injury to one of the two. WWE SmackDown has been knocking it out of the park regarding surprises. Like him or despise him, nobody predicted that the monstrous Brock Lesnar would show up to challenge The Tribal Chief.

Since the bar was set so high last week, this Friday's show needs to follow suit.

What happened during SmackDown?

During the episode of the Friday night blue show of the FOX networks in America, WWE has seen fit to bring back a very famous tag team, which started from NXT a few years ago and has been playing on the main roster for some time now.

on Monday Night Raw and a little on Friday Night SmackDown. The Viking Raiders decided to return this night literally with a bang, with the New Day that was initially planned in a tag team match against Shanky and Jinder Mahal, but with such contention that it never started.

The WWE at this juncture wanted to separate the two Indians even more, pronouncing their imminent split even more clearly, with Shanky who started dancing together on the New Day, while Mahal left the ring very upset. To surprise everyone, in the end, however, the two of the Viking Raiders arrived, who with a sensational turn heel attacked Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston, leaving them exhausted to the ground and thus starting a new feud with the two babyfaces of the blue show.

If you think about it, the WWE SmackDown tag team needs the rub more than the other five men in the equation, all of whom are made men. The Viking Raiders can work, can hang with the best in the business, and can put on a show for the ages. All they need is a platform where they can entertain.