New details on Johnny Gargano's status

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New details on Johnny Gargano's status

In recent months, we have seen numerous Superstars leave WWE, including many well-known NXT faces: from Adam Cole to Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly, to Mercedes Martinez or Johnny Gargano, all athletes who have either been released from the company due to budget cuts, or they waited for the end of their agreement and did not want to renew it, to try instead to build a different future in the rings of another company, such as AEW.

Among the many excluded from the color roster of McMahon, there was also space for Johnny Gargano, who was one of those who waited for the end of his agreement to leave and stay at home next to his wife waiting for the eldest son of the couple, born at the end of the year, with Candice LaRae who was obviously absent just like NXT ring mate Johnny, until her deal ended and so she is no longer a WWE Superstar either.

What's next for Johnny Gargano?

On Sunday 26, or in two days, a sensational coincidence will bring Johnny Gargano to be present in the city of Chicago, where All Elite Wrestling and NJPW will stage their next twin PPVs, called Forbidden Door.

From what the former WWE wrestler claims, it would all be really a clamorous coincidence, because he will not be present in the rings of the WWE, having made arrangements for this session of signing autographs and photos with fans already months ago.

These are the words of the former NXT Champion, who has tried in vain enough to convince fans that he will not be in Chicago for the AEW or to take part in their ppv but for something else: "I promise it's just a ridiculous coincidence and I've been booked for this for months.

I'll only be in Chicago for 8 hours! I also realized that in saying this maybe only 5% of you will believe me that I am currently telling the truth." Needless to say, on social networks, Gargano's name has already started trending, with AEW fans and those of WWE who are now trying to understand where his name could be inserted in the PPV, even if many believe the athlete, on the fact that it is still early for him to return to fight, but never say never.

Gargano made his first wrestling-related appearance in December at the 2022 WrestleCon in Dallas, Texas during WrestleMania week, where he spoke with WhatCulture about a variety of subjects. When asked about a potential return to WWE to have a run on the main roster, Gargano didn't rule it out: "WWE, at the end of the day, was always the company I watched growing up," Johnny Gargano said.

"It was my dream to be there. It was my dream to wrestle for that company and I had a hell of a run there. There is a big part of me that still feels a little unfulfilled. I felt like, towards the end of my NXT run, I felt complete.

I feel I did everything I possibly could in NXT, but for me, I'm always this underdog looking for different mountains to climb and hills to topple over. I just want a new mountain to climb."