Road Dogg changed his mind about the Sasha Banks and Naomi incident

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Road Dogg changed his mind about the Sasha Banks and Naomi incident

Road Dogg spoke about Sasha Banks and Naomi's walkout in an interview for Oh You Didn't Know Podcast. Road Dogg was suspicious at first but eventually realized things were serious after all. “The reason I thought it was work is cause they were talking about it so much on TV.

Well, then I find out it’s not work and they’re suspending them, and they’re talking horrible about them on TV … I think they did the same thing when Stone Cold left, but I don’t think it’s beneficial for anybody”.

- Dogg said, as quoted by Wrestling Inc.

Road Dogg on Sasha Banks and Naomi

Dogg praised Sasha and Naomi and believes they were committed and willing to do anything to help WWE. “‘There were business differences, and sorry to announce we had to take the titles from them and we’ll be holding a tournament,’ you know what I mean? To me, that’s how you leave it, and you don’t air dirty laundry because some of that dirty got on because of you.

“Look, I can say and I don’t overstate this: Naomi is the greatest thing in the world to work with and she’d do anything you’d ask her, and she’d always have ideas and suggestions. And look, when she was on SmackDown, she was the SmackDown Women’s Champion when I was writing the show, that’s for dang sure.

Joy to work with and an entertaining young lady. “Sasha, same, same. Entertaining young lady, great wrestler, great professional wrestler, but had some stuff in the past where she bucked up against the system a little bit”.

Road Dogg also talked about wrestlers and the fact that they can always get better. “100%. There could always be more, and that’s not in wrestling booking and writing, that’s in life. ‘I can always do better,’ and you’re right, but life happens, man, and situations occur where we had some time with Vince and all we had time to talk about was John Cena or Roman Reigns, and we didn’t get to talk about that,” he said.