Kenny Omega: We’re creating the forum for everyone to wrestle

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Kenny Omega: We’re creating the forum for everyone to wrestle

Kenny Omega spoke to Fightful about his experiences with AEW, New Japan. The AEW is expected to be increasingly successful in the coming period. “[New Japan] is arguably the most important phase of my career,” Omega said, as quoted by Wrestling Inc.

“I’m able to kind of watch with a smile on my face because this was sort of always the hopeful, I don’t want to say endgame, but it was always the hopeful pitstop into what the mission statement of AEW was.

We always wanted to make wrestling a friendly place for everyone. Perhaps not all of us, but that was always one of the things most important to me”.

Kenny Omega on AEW

Omega has not been on the wrestling scene for a long time due to injury.

Yet he is happy that AEW has made great progress, and has made many partnerships with other wrestling organizations such as New Japan. Tony Khan even bought ROH and is seen to know how to do business and create a great empire.

AEW has become a respectable organization that is recording increasing growth. "I wanted to see a world where we were working friendly with New Japan, and I was hoping that was something that would happen from day one,” Kenny Omega said.

“Here we are, we’re working with New Japan, we’re working with DDT, Tokyo Joshi, AAA, Ring of Honor now that Tony has purchased Ring of Honor. We’re working with all of these entities and promotions who may not even want to work with each other, but yet we’re creating the forum for everyone to wrestle and work peacefully.

It’s really cool, and even though I can’t physically take part in it, I’m still happy and extremely satisfied that we can get to this point, because this is always what we wanted to do, as an idea for a company,”