The Rock reacts to a WWE Promo

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The Rock reacts to a WWE Promo

Pat McAfee is ready for the WWE SummerSlam in Nashville where Happy Corbin will be waiting for him. McAfee announced a fight Friday night that could be a big spectacle. McAffe has challenged Corbin to a fight in Nashville and is ready to completely destroy his opponent.

“Bum Ass Corbin said that if we were to get in the ring together, I would wish that I were dead. That’s not possible, that’ll never happen. I love my life, I enjoy every single moment so much so that when I walked into the WWE ThunderDome for the first time, all I could think of was, ‘I feel alive.’ When I get to put on the headset and talk into the microphone ‘for the millions’ (shout out to my man The Rock), members of the WWE Universe, I feel alive!

"So ‘Bum Ass’, while you’re catfishing on the net, acting like you’re not an insufferable, arrogant douchebag, why don’t you ponder this for a moment: SummerSlam, you and me, Nashville, Tennessee, and when I kick your teeth down your throat, the only thing I will think is, ‘I feel more alive than I’ve ever felt in my entire life right here at SummerSlam!'”- McAfee said, as quoted by Wrestling Inc.

The Rock reacted

Two great fighters will be in the ring, both maximally motivated to show their qualities. Meanwhile, The Rock, a former wrestler who marked one era of the WWE, sent support for Pat McAfee via Twitter. The Rock is looking forward to the match between McAffe and Happy Corbin, and fans have high expectations.

As The Rock himself said, it was a great promo, and we really can’t wait for a match like that. “In front of the MILLIONS…. AAAAAND MILLIONS….,” The Rock wrote on Twitter. “‘BUM ASS CORBIN’ That’s good s*** brother! Great promo. Enjoyed watching this”.