Lance Storm slams Vince McMahon

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Lance Storm slams Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon recently ended up in the eye of the storm. The Wall Street Journal revealed that the now-former WWE president is under investigation for giving $3 million to a former employee with whom he began an extramarital affair.

Despite the enormous pressure on his shoulders, Vince decided to appear on both SmackDown and Raw leaving everyone speechless. “If McMahon’s appearance on SmackDown was surprising, it was even more so on Raw. Nobody expected him to appear on the red show as well.

It must be said that the fans greeted him with a warm welcome. Vince is making sure that the public loves him and takes his side in this very complicated period of his life" - wrestling expert Bill Apter analyzed. Vince's role was taken over by Stephanie McMahon until the investigation was completed.

In an interview with 'Figure Four Daily', Lance Storm expressed his sincere opinion on this matter.

Lance Storm takes a shot at Vince McMahon

“The thing that amazes me most is that these are recent events. It's not a 1994 thing that just came to light.

In 2019, the 'Me Too' movement was at the peak of popularity and many people in the wrestling world were impressed. Did Vince McMahon learn nothing from all this? I find his conduct unacceptable, highly dangerous and completely inappropriate” - ruled Lance Storm.

To the microphones of 'Busted Open Radio', Mark Henry expressed himself on this delicate subject: "The McMahon case has transcended wrestling, everyone is talking about it. It is not just about our business, having spread like wildfire to every corner of the planet.

It is on everyone's lips now, if you know what I mean. I associate two possible reasons for Vince's choice to be seen in public: the desire to increase ratings and the desire to send a message to his detractors. McMahon wanted to show that he is not afraid of anyone and that he will fight this battle with his head held high”.

After working in TNA for almost a decade, Angle returned to WWE in 2017, only to find out that Vince McMahon had no plans for him. On a recent episode of Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, Kurt Angle revealed how he wasn't happy with his second run: "No, not at all.

I went back to WWE. It wasn't a big welcome home. It was more of a, 'We're going to show you what you did when you left us.' I didn't have any hard feelings about it, but Vince McMahon just didn't have any plans for me."