Damian Priest continues to cheer for a superstar

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Damian Priest continues to cheer for a superstar

Over the years, numerous actors and singers, as well as NBA players or members of other sports worlds, have entered the WWE rings, to become pro-wrestlers for even just one night, with some of them even taking part in one.

or more matches, as real contenders, as happened in the last edition of Wrestlemania with Logan Paul, the tag team partner of The Miz against the Mysterios. In the last two years, another very well-known character in the USA and in the world, who has been a pro-wrestler with WWE, despite not having the numbers or the skills, is Bad Bunny, the very famous Puerto Rican singer, already seen in the edition of the Royal Rumble last year, then at Wrestlemania 37 and finally once again also in the Rumble edition of 2022, just like a wrestler.

Apparently, according to many WWE wrestlers, Bad Bunny would have given the best of himself in his workouts, so much so that several insiders wanted to compliment him live, such as Damian Priest, but also through social media and through their own interviews in which they talked about Bad Bunny.

Edge, Damian Priest, and Rhea Ripley got some microphone time as they each cut heel promos and drew heat from the crowd.

Backstage news on Damian Priest

In his latest interview on SEScoops, with Steve Fall, Judgment Day member Damian Priest wanted to talk about his former tag team partner from last year's Wrestlemania, Bad Bunny, saying: "He managed to do everything himself, perfectly putting his schedule together when he was in Florida and always coming to train and completing all my investment in energy and time to devote to it.

He's not one of those who come just to do it and then he leaves us as soon as he promotes what he does. He wanted a serious investment in history, he wanted to be involved, he dedicated himself 100%. So I think we will definitely see him in the WWE rings again, even if I don't know when."

After seeing an incredible first match by Bad Bunny alongside Damian Priest, against The Miz and John Morrison at Wrestlemania, WWE Universe fans would certainly be happy to see him in action again, as unlike many actors and singers, the Puerto Rican rapper really stood out both for his behavior and for the great commitment he put into the ring, delivering a terrific performance for a non-wrestler.

"I almost think it's a rib because I expect so much better from him than that, bro. Seriously, like, is this a rib that we're not getting?" said Vince Russo.