Does Stephanie McMahon have everything under control?

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Does Stephanie McMahon have everything under control?

Acting WWE President Stephanie McMahon commented on the Board's current investigation into her father Vince McMahon. On June 15, it emerged that Vince was being investigated by the WWE Board of Directors; he accused him of paying $3 million to a former employee he previously had a relationship.

It also emerged that the investigation uncovered old nondisclosure agreements for these misconduct allegations made by other former WWE employees involving both Vince McMahon and WWE Superstar Relations Manager John Laurinaitis.

The latest news on Stephanie McMahon

This news led Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis to step down from their roles at least for now with Stephanie McMahon replacing her father at the helm of the company and Bruce Prichard taking over the old role played by Laurinaitis.

Vince's daughter, Stephanie McMahon commented on her father's investigation during a company meeting with "Everything under control." According to insiders, Stephanie McMahon addressed the situation by stating, "I love WWE and my dad too.

So I'll try to do everything I can for the federation." Meanwhile, Vince continues to be present on both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown to show that he is not afraid of what is said about him. The former WWE CEO still remains in charge of the creative team as well.

According to well-known journalist Dave Meltzer, the fact that Bruce Prichard has landed the job is a sign that Vince continues to be in command. In fact, Prichard is one of McMahon's most loyal employees and for this reason, Meltzer does not believe that Stephanie is anything more than a figure at least for the moment.

According to Meltzer, it is still Vince who makes the decisions in WWE with Bruce in that position rather than another less reliable one, precisely for this reason. As per Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the former women's champion is still part of the company as a board member.

Despite the 'surprising' situation, the expectation is that she'll be given a new role if replaced as the CBO. He said that a source indicated that some people badmouthed her on her way out: "What was notable is last week when we mentioned some people talking bad about her on the way out, but that one person noted nobody would do so publicly because it would be career suicide.

However, the people who did try and get this talk about, while remaining anonymous, are key high-level people who are the last people I’d expect to do so."