Bayley gives WWE fans hope by suggesting...

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Bayley gives WWE fans hope by suggesting...
Bayley gives WWE fans hope by suggesting...

One of the characters who were most important to WWE during the pandemic period in which fans were not allowed in the company's arenas was undoubtedly Bayley, former champion of Friday Night Smackdown, as well as former couple champion on the company's main roster, with her ex-best friend, Sasha Banks, who had taken the reins of her opponent a bit since her departure, remaining in the upper echelons of the federation, in a feud with former champion Bianca Belair and then becoming a tag team champion of the federation.

Unfortunately for her, in recent months, Bayley was hit by a leg injury, exactly in July of last year, when during a workout the WWE Role Model had suffered a bad leg injury, having to undergo some special care and a surgical operation, which had to keep her out of the scene for at least 9 months, with her return on the scene which was, therefore, to be expected for Wrestlemania or so.

So far, though, Bayley's still no kind of clue, with her returning that she not only hasn't arrived yet, but she wouldn't even be close seemingly.

Bayley continues to tease WWE fans

After posting several photos that might have looked like clues to a possible return in recent months, Bayley did it again, with the former WWE main roster world champion releasing a very explanatory photo, which immediately kicked off the chatter of fans online, about her return to the scene.

In the photo, we see how Bayley is lying in her bed, as she hugs a Money in the Bank briefcase, with such action that it seems to immediately bring the athlete back to the WWE rings, almost a year after her leg injury. That Bayley is really, finally ready, to return to the rings of the WWE, after months of clues that turned out to be just the big trolls for the fans? Speaking about the former SmackDown Women's Champion on The Sessions with Renee Paquette, AJ revealed that Bayley helped her a lot when the former made her return to pro wrestling: "There are these people who are so popular and I'm, like, who will explain to me, like, give me a quick history.

So I'm learning and it's been really inspiring to see how far it's [pro wrestling] come. Luckily, one of my great wrestling friends is Bayley and she has always kept me in a loop. God, Pam is like the greatest. She really is [a magical person]. She's my unicorn. I've always checked in with her, so I've kind of known stuff just through her over the years."

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