Randy Orton appears with a different look

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Randy Orton appears with a different look

These past few weeks, Matt Riddle's been making appearances on Raw without his tag team partner, Randy Orton, who's out due to an injury. The WWE also made it known through a statement: "Randy Orton will have to undergo consultations with neurosurgeons and orthopedists of the spine to determine the extent of his injury and to have clarifications on the course of treatment to follow."

Update on Randy Orton's status

In the last few hours, a new photo of Randy Orton has appeared online, when the former WWE Champion appeared in a public place, namely a swimming pool, together with his wife and children, with his look that is however slightly different than that last time in the WWE rings.

From the swimming pool in St Charles, Missouri, Randy Orton showed how he has returned to the completely shaved look, both beard and hair, even if his head is not immortalized in the photo because it is with the hat. After the surgery on his back, it seems that Orton is already back in great shape to be able to go around the state of him, with the WWE rings still having to wait a bit for his return.

Matt Riddle will therefore have to carry on a new battle on his own after the one at the Bloodline, now practically lost against the Tribal Chief, awaiting the return of his colleague, friend and partner, who is resting and refreshing his body and mind with his family, after years of injuries and great performances in the rings of the McMahon family.

Bob Orton was in conversation with senior journalist Bill Apter in an exclusive interview for Sportskeeda Wrestling. The Hall of Famer said his son was recuperating from a bad back. He mentioned that Randy had some problems due to his long career spanning over two decades: "He's got a little bit of a back problem.

I think he'll take care of everything. You know with rehab and everything. After 20, you know, more than 20 years, wear and tear on the body is just, you know, too much."