Smackdown: New problems for The New Day

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Smackdown: New problems for The New Day

The latest episode of Friday Night Smackdown opens with the entry of Drew McIntyre who, microphone in hand, says he too wants a title shot for the title, as happened with Lesnar. But he doesn't care too much as Mister MITB will hit them with a Claymore.

At this point, Sheamus arrives and says that it would be perfect to collect the briefcase during Summerslam's Last Man Standing but it will not be the Scotsman who will collect it, but him. The big man obliged and danced in front of the WWE Universe despite Jinder Mahal not being happy about it.

The former WWE Champion left the ring, and Shanky continued to dance with New Day before The Viking Raiders struck. The members of New Day claimed that they were sick of competing in the same matches every week.

Smackdown: The New Day struggled

Instead, the two men wanted to see Shanky dance.

Surprisingly, the two men lost their match to the Creed Brothers on NXT not too long ago. As the two exchange "jokes", Paul Heyman arrives accompanied by Adam Pearce. Obviously, the lawyer par excellence Reigns dares, saying that he is GOAT etc., etc., the usual phrases made to make a limp champion even more unbeatable.

After cheering Reigns, the devil's advocate says Pearce has an announcement to make, meaning Drew and Sheamus will only participate in Money in the Bank if they can beat the Usos. MONEY IN THE BANK QUALIFYING MATCH - SAMI ZAYN VS SHINSUKE NAKAMURA.

The first match of the evening on Smackdown features two very technical fighters against, Zayn vs Nakamura, but only one will qualify for Money in the Bank. In a very nice match at a struggling level, the Canadian gets away with it thanks to a Helluva Kick who wins the qualification.

WINNER: SAMI ZAYN. After Seth Rollins and Omos, Sami Zayn is the third Money in the Bank qualifier! Paul Heyman and Adam Pearce came out, and the latter announced that thanks to The Special Counsel's influence on WWE management, Drew and Sheamus were both out of the ladder match unless they beat The Usos in a tag match tonight.

Shinsuke barely beat the count-out before Sami dropped him from the top rope. Back after a break, Nakamura tried for a superplex, but his opponent countered it before being dropped on the turnbuckles.