Smackdown: Sami Zayn defeated Shinsuke Nakamura

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Smackdown: Sami Zayn defeated Shinsuke Nakamura

We reached the highlight of the evening in this "match", which is not a normal match, be careful, but a DANCE match. In fact, New Day tells audiences that last week Jinder Mahal stole a great thing from the WWE Universe, namely seeing "The Dancing Machine" Shanky at work.

Honorary Uce Sami Zayn fought against Shinsuke Nakamura with a spot in the Money in the Bank ladder match on the line. Zayn seemed ready to take down The Artist but got caught in an armbar early on.

Sami Zayn def. Shinsuke Nakamura

The two men kept hitting their best moves to keep the action ticking.

Sami Zayn tried to get a pin with his foot on the ropes, but the referee caught him. The King of Strong Style took advantage of the situation and nearly pinned Zayn. Zayn dodged a Kinshasa inside the ring but ate one outside of it.

Back in the ring, he lined up Shinsuke Nakamura and finished him off with a Helluva Kick for the win. Obviously, Shanky is happy with this moment and starts dancing to the rhythm of New Day Rocks while Mahal is not and, furious, tries to get his tag team partner to stop dancing, without succeeding.

The Indian giant, annoyed by Mahal's behavior, pushes him away and the latter leaves, leaving Shanky and the New Day dancing. While the three are dancing, a photo appears on the giant screen and… THE VIKING RAIDERS ARRIVE!

The Vikings attack the three from behind in the ring, thus becoming Heel and booed by the audience. Journalist Dave Meltzer, however, shed some light on the future of the championship and Sami Zayn. He revealed some information that will undoubtedly please the star.

Here is what the Cageside Seats have stated on the matter, “The expectation is Sami Zayn will work a program with whoever wins the Intercontinental championship tournament, per The Wrestling Observer Newsletter”.

The first semi-final will witness Daniel Bryan take on Jeff Hardy. While the second one will be between AJ Styles and Elias. It would be a no-brainer to back Styles in his fight because he is the heel. However, as the second semi-final has two babyfaces throwing down, it will be comparatively trickier to predict.

But it seems like Hardy will overcome his adversary. Sami Zayn successfully defended his championship against Apollo Crews this past week on SmackDown. In a post-match, WWE Network Exclusive interview, Sami Zayn warned Bobby Lashley with some strong words.

He said, “You’re very strong. One of the strongest men I’ve ever seen. When it comes to strategy (laughs) you are so outmatched. You are so outclassed. You have no idea, I’m a master strategist. I am a genius."