Smackdown: Shotzi got the qualification

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Smackdown: Shotzi got the qualification

We go backstage and find Adam Pearce together with Sonya Deville talking about the possible qualifying match for the MITB women's and the wrong choices by the WWE Official. In fact, Deville is convinced that Pearce was wrong with Sheamus and Drew and that it is not right to give a qualifier match to Raquel who has just debuted or to Lacey Evans who has just returned.

Pearce then looks at her and confirms that he will challenge the two girls he named in a Handicap Match. 2ON1 HANDICAP MATCH - RAQUEL RODRIGUEZ & LACEY EVANS VS SONYA DEVILLE It wasn't the match that hit me but who accompanied Sonya to ringside, that is Shayna Baszler and XIA LI, who has now become Heel? I'm not understanding anything more honestly.

Pinning Sonya is Lacey Evans. GIVE THE TITLE TO LACEY EV .. kidding, just kidding. WINNER: RAQUEL RODRIGUEZ & LACEY EVANS. After the match, the two are attacked but in the end, they get away with it. We go backstage and find the Street Profits wandering behind the scenes, first they see the Los Lotharios walking with a girl, then Gulak working and finally they find Madcap Moss.

Dawkins tells a joke that you don't understand if translated, so retrieve it because she is beautiful. Aliyah was unable to compete against Shotzi on this week's WWE SmackDown. Tamina filled in for the injured superstar in the Money in the Bank qualifying match on the show.

Aliyah was unable to compete against Shotzi

Shotzi is one of the better wrestlers in the SmackDown women's division. It was good to see her pick up the win and progress on to the big match. She will be one of the dark horses in the Money in the Bank ladder match.

WWE could pull off a surprise and award her the win at the show. Let's go back to the ring and find Ronda Rou…, it's not Ronda, it's Natalya dressed as Ronda with an empty stroller. What a desolation. I found this segment of infinite sadness, but unfortunately, this is there.

When you only bet on two or three wrestlers in the entire women's division and leave the rest to the fray, that's what you get, my dear WWE. Natalya says that she is the saddest woman on the planet and she attacks her in every way but in the end, the real Ronda shows up and they go face to face.

Ronda belittles her by saying what we all think, that she has no talent, and then she takes off his jacket and walks away. Thanks, Ronda.