Smackdown: Raquel Rodriguez is increasingly wild

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Smackdown: Raquel Rodriguez is increasingly wild

We go backstage again and find Paul Heyman with Kayla Braxton and the lawyer claims he has the power to turn the tables but is interrupted by Zayn, who claims that Kayla tried to pit Zayn against Bloodline when she didn't.

In fact, she would never cash on Reigns but on Lesnar. Then Heyman glares at him and Zayn walks away slightly confused. MONEY IN THE BANK WOMEN'S QUALIFYING MATCH - TAMINA VS SHOTZI. Unfortunately, the match did not last long but Shozti won.

Deville walked out with Shayna Baszler and Xia Li to start the match. Right off the bat, Baszler and Li distracted Raquel Rodriguez while Sonya went after Lacey in the ring. Sonya remained in control and kept Lacey from making the tag, but Rodriguez managed to get in.

Raquel Rodriguez hit some big slams

Raquel Rodriguez hit some big slams and dropped Sonya on turnbuckles before Baszler distracted her from getting the Texana Bomb. Lacey snuck in a tag and came in with the Woman's Right for the pin.

WINNER: SHOTZI. As they say in Rome, we "go back" to the backstage but, this time, to Adam Pearce's office, where Max Du is also present ... PRI. Yet another scene seen and reviewed but at the promo level, Dupri is head and shoulders above all the others, too bad they don't go ahead with this story.

Next, we find Pat McAfee destroying Corbin (with words of course) and, surprisingly, he announces that we will see him fighting again at SummerSlam, right against Happy Corbin. I, honestly, after seeing him against Theory a Mania, I'm really happy!

However, on NXT: July 27th, 2021 Raquel Gonzalez was challenged, and it was none other than Dakota Kai. On the latest NXT episode, Dakota Kai and the NXT Women’s Champion came out to the ring. Both of them began discussing Gonzalez’s dominance over the NXT roster.

However, it was agreed that Kai’s support meant a lot to her championship reign. In an interview, the NXT Champion revealed that she was open to giving Kai a shot at the WWE NXT Women’s Championship title. However, she has to ask.

“[Dakota’s] look was more at Xia Li, she just stepped on her moment. Dakota and I haven’t really discussed jealousy. Every time this topic or discussion comes up, I’m totally open about it. I will say, if Dakota wants an opportunity (at the NXT Women’s Championship), I will gladly give it to her. Why not? She deserves it and has earned it. All she has to do is ask”.