Kurt Angle reveals which release surprised him the most

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Kurt Angle reveals which release surprised him the most

Before NXT was born, WWE had a different method of finding the superstars of tomorrow. In the past, the Stamford federation used 'Tough Enough' and 'Divas Search' to track down the talent of the future. An excellent example was certainly Daniel Puder, able to win the fourth edition of 'Tough Enough' back in 2004.

On November 4th of that year, during an episode of SmackDown, Kurt Angle challenged the finalists of Tough Enough (including Puder). Daniel was able to lock the former Olympic gold medalist in a 'kimura lock' and - in an attempt to free himself - Angle attempted a pin.

The referee quickly counted to three, although Puder's shoulders were not completely lowered. According to Dave Meltzer, Kurt would have suffered a serious injury if a few more seconds had elapsed. WWE severely punished Daniel, who was eliminated in a very humiliating manner at the 2005 Royal Rumble.

His tenure in the Stamford federation lasted very little: in September 2005, he refused to renew his contract and his paths diverged. In the latest episode of his show, Kurt Angle talked about the controversial release of Daniel Puder.

Kurt Angle is a WWE legend

“I believed Daniel Puder would have a great future in wrestling. He had won 'Tough Enough' and seemed destined to do great things in this business. He amazed me that his career lasted so short, I always thought he had uncommon talent.

He had shown his talents since he was very young, but obviously, some problems arose at some point” - said Kurt Angle. Kurt spent nice words for Roman Reigns: “I respect him a lot, having managed to reverse course and prevent his talent from going to waste.

Vince McMahon invested a lot in him in the beginning, but Roman wasn't ready and fans started hating him. It wasn't easy to get out of that hole, it was really deep. He not only came out of it, but he proved to be one of the best performers around”.

During the latest episode of 'The Kurt Angle Show' on AdFreeShows.com, Kurt Angle said that he was released from WWE before the team was formed and added that he even initially turned down an offer to manage Riddle.

"I wouldn't mind doing it. Not only are they great amateur wrestlers, but they are also great entertainers too, especially Otis, you know! I think I might have been able to be a part of that, but I think they started that after I left the company. So, there wasn't a possibility of me coming back and managing them."