A WWE title has been missing for weeks

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A WWE title has been missing for weeks

It's been over a month since WWE announced that Sasha Banks and Naomi have been suspended indefinitely for leaving the company prior to an episode of Monday Night Raw. This means that just as long has passed since the company also announced a future tournament to crown the new champions in the tag team category.

Well, that tournament hasn't taken place yet. Not only that, this wasn't even mentioned by anyone in WWE. 'PW Insider' was questioned about the matter and said that from WWE and those close to it "there has been no communication" about the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship or when and how it will be reassigned.

What's going on in WWE?

The reality, as collected and confirmed by 'PW Insider', is that the title of female tag team champion does not appear to be a priority for WWE in any way, considering how little attention was paid to the tag team division even before Sasha.

Banks and Naomi left. Since then, the most we have achieved has been when Shayna Baszler reminded us that she is collaborating with Natalya. All while the Canadian is deeply involved in her feud with Ronda Rousey, at the center of which is the title of champion of SmackDown.

This implies that WWE, while hinting at an ongoing alliance between Natalya and Shayna Bazler, is not even talking about this possible development of the female couple division in the shows that it airs in its own television programs.

And without a word about Sasha Banks and Naomi, and especially their colleagues potentially taking their place as champions, there's no reason to think we'll have updates on the women's tag team division soon.

It's also a shame, considering we're gearing up to see two major WWE pay-per-view shows in July. Indeed, crucial in the company's schedule. Which, however, seems to have lost two belts along the way, in an apparently definitive way and, what is worse, painless.

When WWE asked on social media if people believed Seth "Freakin" Rollins was the answer to taking down Reigns, Woods couldn't help but reply. Once again, he reminded everyone of his victory over the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, tweeting out: "Footage from smackdown after I beat Roman and ended his two year winning streak," Xavier Woods said in a tweet with a GIF of Will Smith using the neuralyzer in Men in Black."