Big changes in Ric Flair's last match

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Big changes in Ric Flair's last match

Last night the long-awaited press conference for Starrcast V was held, an event that on July 31st will see Ric Flair as the protagonist for what has been called his last career match. During this chat with the whole world, the Nature Boy thanked his family for supporting his decision to return to the ring, despite the fact that in the last month there have been many concerns around this thing, given his age and health problems.

Then he added that he didn't want fans to think it would be the last time they would see him in the ring: “Everyone in my family, thank you very much. They were all great and I wanted to do it and I got back in shape and now I don't want anyone to think for a second that this is going to be, I think it will be, that it won't be my last fight.

But I'll go into that ring and get out of it." The man also recently stated that he wanted to bleed during the match, something that has made him who he is in the ring for years.

The latest news on Ric Flair

Conrad Thompson, husband of Ric Flair's eldest daughter, and Starrcast have announced that New Japan Pro Wrestling will be part of Starrcast V and Ric Flair's Last Match.

Starrcast V runs July 29-31 while Ric Flair's Last Match takes place on July 31 in Nashville, it's all part of the same big event, but of course, the Nature Boy is more revealing. In addition, Conrad, founder of Starrcast, has also announced, through a video of the Jim Crockett Promotions Control Center, that Josh Alexander, currently the champion of IMPACT Wrestling, will put his belt up for grabs against Jacob Fatu on July 31st.

From the backstage, with regard to all the details of Ric Flair's match, since we still don't know who he will face, if he will have partners or the like, the news arrives that the FTRs, who had already come out in previous reports as possible participants at the match, they would not have had the green light from Tony Khan yet.

Yesterday, her daughter Charlotte Flair also shared the post of the event promoting the purchase of tickets in the stories on Instagram, so it's easy to think that Ric's whole family will be there. The Hall of Famers were slated for an autograph signing session that weekend, and DDP decided to squash his real-life heat with Flair at the event.

On an episode of his DDP Snake Pit podcast, Page would go on to state: "I knew what I wanted to do. I knew what I wanted to say... He came into the green room; of course, he got swarmed like he always does. Eventually, people moved out, and now it's just Ric and me... We go out to the side, and I said, 'You know Ric, I know we've had heat on and off over the years."