John Cena takes on a new role

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John Cena takes on a new role
John Cena takes on a new role

One of the biggest absentees of this year's edition of Wrestlemania is certainly one of the symbolic faces of the WWE of the last 20 years, namely John Cena, who for over a decade has literally carried the entire company on his shoulders, as a unique face of the federation, with world-titled kingdoms and unsurpassed feuds that have entertained pro-wrestling fans from all over the world, between those who loved him and those who hated him deeply.

In recent years, unfortunately for pro-wrestling fans, John Cena has embarked on a thriving career in the world of Hollywood movies, and even TV series. With an announcement that came out of nowhere, in one of the last episodes of Monday Night Raw, WWE wanted to announce how in the next episode of the red show on June 27th and therefore tomorrow, John Cena will return to join the crew of the company, to celebrate his 20 years of WWE, with the Chairman currently standing aside, Vince McMahon, who wanted to create a lot of hype for this return, in the latest episode of the red show.

John Cena makes history

In recent days, some quirky ads are starting to come up in the southern state of Alabama in the US. If the face of AJ Styles had already appeared on these posters days ago, now even the very recognizable big face of John Cena has come to become the protagonist of this advertisement.

For a colon cancer prevention campaign, a specialized clinic in Alabama has seen fit to put the faces of Styles and John Cena on its billboards on the streets, since after the age of 45 it is always recommended by every doctor to do a check-up to see if everything is okay.

Obviously, the thing ended immediately on Twitter, with fans who started laughing out loud at the decidedly original and never-seen-before publicity stunt. During a recent interview with Scott Fishman of TV Insider, Kurt Angle was asked what he thinks John Cena's legacy is going to be.

He stated that he doesn't think Cena is the greatest of all time, but he accomplished what no one else has ever done in WWE. "The most successful WWE Superstar of all time. He has won 16 world titles, and they are all WWE world titles.

Nobody else has done that. John was able to accomplish that. I wouldn’t say he is the greatest wrestler of all time. There are a lot of great technicians. John was the most successful," - said Angle.

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