Bianca Belair got a big fright

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Bianca Belair got a big fright

Bianca Belair is one of WWE's best overall Superstars right now. In addition to being the current champion of Monday Night Raw, the 33-year-old from Knoxville also once held the SmackDown Women's Championship and won the 2021 edition of the women's Royal Rumble match of the eponymous ppv.

In early 2022, Bianca showed off thanks to a very heated rivalry with Becky Lynch, culminating in WrestleMania 38 (where she finally managed to beat her). In a lengthy interview with 'WJBF NewsChannel 6', Belair admitted that she never thought of becoming a pro-wrestler.

Bianca made her official WWE main roster debut in 2020, entering Smackdown with no great expectations. After dominating the royal brawl in 2021, she starred in a starring role on WrestleMania 37 'Night One' alongside Sasha Banks.

Backstage news on Bianca Belair

In her latest post on the social network Instagram, the current champion of the WWE red show, Bianca Belair, wanted to film a fan and with the occasion also all those who are dedicated to such behaviors, after what happened after a show of the company.

After finishing a federation show, in fact, she and her husband Montez Ford were literally chased by a rather excited fan, who waited for the first red light that the couple met on their path, to go knocking in a way. very vigorous on the window of the two, asking for a photo with them, scaring the champion to death.

To tell the bad five minutes passed, Bianca thought about it, who wrote in the stories that are deleted in 24 hours: "I love my fans but DON'T FOLLOW ME after the events. We drove for 20 minutes from the arena, stopped at a red light ...

and a fan started running towards the window, starting to knock on the window, trying to take a picture with us. She scared the shit out of us... DO NOT RUN to my car and to the window while I am sitting at a red light at 11 pm, knocking on the window.

Not safe for me. It is not safe for you. I try to do my best to stay longer and sign as many autographs as possible and take as many photos as I can... It may sound harmless and funny to you, but it's not fair or fair. I was legitimately scared.

STAY IN THE LIMITS." During the podcast, she discussed how it made her feel like she was snatching someone else's dream: "It’s a dream come true [being signed by WWE] and it’s something a lot of people dream to do.

I remember after my second tryout, I was in the airport and I was in the airport with a girl and a guy that were at the tryout with me and I remember we were talking and on the back of their phones, it was full of WWE stickers and they were just saying like, ‘I hope I get a call back’ and, ‘I’ve been wanting to do this since I was five years old’... it made me feel like I was almost stealing their dream, you know?" said Bianca Belair.