What do current superstars think of John Cena?

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What do current superstars think of John Cena?

John Cena is and has been one of the symbols of the modern era of pro-wrestling and WWE, having contributed more than any other to the spread of the WWE product around the world. The Boston champion has accomplished extraordinary feats and made wrestling history, even if his relationship with fans has been characterized by numerous ups and downs, between those who have always supported him and those who always booed.

The leader of the 'Cenation' has progressively moved away from the ring in recent years, thanks to advancing age and the desire to focus on his film career. Following in the footsteps of the legendary The Rock, Cena quickly became one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, thanks to films and TV series.

The 16-time world champion's last appearance in the ring was in SummerSlam 2021, where he was beaten by 'Tribal Chief' Roman Reigns at the end of a breathtaking battle. It has already been announced that John will return on June 27 and therefore in tonight's episode of Raw, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his debut in the company.

Cena made his SmackDown debut on June 27, 2002, immediately facing Kurt Angle.

John Cena is a 16-time World Champion

Apparently, just the fact of proclaiming his return was enough for John Cena to help raise the mood of all members of the WWE crew, with numerous insiders who would have said they were super happy with the return of the multiple world champion.

On the pages of the WrestleVotes site, in fact, the reactions of numerous WWE insiders are reported, who state: "Aside from the fact that his return has given the business a big hand, we're told that John Cena's return has thrilled the whole locker room, just like the fans.

Cena is still seen as one of the last leaders of the locker room, with his positive presence flooding the whole company when he's out and about." The 16-time world champion appeared on the latest episode of RAW on the anniversary of his debut in 2002.

He showed his gratitude to the fans who supported him throughout his career. He also stated that the WWE Universe cheering or booing him has enabled him to put his best foot forward. Cena added that while fans would get to see him in the ring again, he was not sure when that will be.

The Cenation Leader stated that it would not be just once but several times that fans will get to witness him in the ring again.